The Wimmin Collective's mission is to gather working wimmin together to build solid relationships, support each other through our ups and downs, and connect on a deeper level.

We're all making stuff happen everyday, but it's important to take a step back, reflect on what we're doing, and build each other up. 


who we're here for

9 to 5, 8 to midnight, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, moonlighters, freelancers–whatever your gig is, we’re here for you. Our goal is to connect, celebrate, and guide working wimmin to feel more fulfilled, balanced, and supported.

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Why we’re different

With new networking groups geared towards women popping up you might be wondering what makes ours unique. The Wimmin Collective’s foundation is built on four pillars: community, health & wellness, navigational guidance, and inspiration. We’re here for real conversations as they relate to real life events working wimmin go through, throughout their careers–not the instagram highlight reel. By creating space for us to be vulnerable in a safe environment, we get candid about the ups and the downs.  

Who we are

Based out of Vancouver, BC, we're two friends with a passion for connecting wimmin and building solid female relationships in our lives. 

Farron's background is in marketing in the tech industry and Krista's a soon to be Naturopathic doctor. We're both into health and wellness physically and mentally. The Wimmin Collective was born out of our mutual interest in meeting other like-minded wimmin, to crowdsource our experiences as we navigate our way through the working world.   


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